Laxmi Bank Scholarship for Women in STEM Endowment Fund

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Laxmi Bank Scholarship for Women in STEM Endowment Fund

Published date: 2022-12-29, Thursday

Kathmandu University and Laxmi Bank Limited have signed an agreement to establish a scholarship fund for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Laxmi Bank will contribute NPR 1 crore (about $900,000) to the endowment fund over five years, to be used for scholarships for female students pursuing masters or Ph.D. degrees in STEM fields at Kathmandu University.

The scholarship is part of Laxmi Bank’s corporate social responsibility efforts, which prioritize education for girls and the environment. The endowment fund will help Kathmandu University provide scholarships to deserving candidates and address the issue of brain drain in Nepal. The agreement was signed by the CEO of Laxmi Bank and a representative from Kathmandu University in the presence of university officials.

This news was published by Kathmandu university.

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