LBU: 1st/3rd Semester ROUTINE (regular/partial)

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LBU: 1st/3rd Semester ROUTINE (regular/partial)


Lumbini Buddhist University, Office of the Examination, Rupandhehi, Lumbini has brought up a notice in regards to the Examination Schedule for the students from the Faculty of Buddhist Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences from 1st and 3rd Semester of which the exam is taking place on 2079 Bhadra 26.

The notice was posted on 2079 Bhadra 13.


Here is the LBU: 1st/3rd Semester RESULT (regular/partial) in the attached image given below:

Routine 001 1024x622 1 1
Routine 002 1024x622 2
Routine 003 1024x622 2
Routine 004 1024x622 1
Routine 005 1024x622 1
Routine 006 1 1024x622 1
Routine 007 1024x622 1

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