Lumbini Buddhist University

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Lumbini Buddhist University formally established in 2061 BS is an autonomous public institution dedicated to educating Nepalese people with higher education, enriching the community of global learning with the use of core Buddhist Values and promoting World Peace.

The idea of Lumbini Buddhist University was proposed in December 1998 during the First World Buddhist Summit organised by Lumbini Development Fund held in Lumbini. The proposal was to build an International Buddhist university in the Birthplace of Buddha; Lumbini. The university was to impart education on Buddhist Philosophy, Culture, Literature, and so on.

With the idea of the proposal, on the concluding day of the Summit, the Lumbini Declaration was issued which requested the Government of Nepal to take action in this matter. Lumbini Development Trust also formed a Preparatory Committee for the action. Many discussions at different levels were held in different stages to justify the need for the establishment of the Lumbini International Buddhist University until eventually until “Proposed Lumbini International Buddhist University Main Preparatory Committee 2061” was made.

Later, during the Second World Buddhist Summit, the Lumbini Buddhist University was formally established with the promulgation of Ordinance in 2061 BS. In 2062, the Ordinance as Lumbini Buddhist University Act was approved by the Parliament by modifications.

Lumbini Buddhist University was established to promote academic excellence and research for promoting the Buddhist Concepts of Peace, Compassion, Virtuous and Sustainable Development. The Univerity aims to become the University for Peace, Harmony and Prosperity.

Faculties Under Lumbini Buddhist University

  1. Faculty of Buddhist Studies
  2. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Schools under Lumbini Buddhist University

  1. School of Development Studies and Applied Sciences

Programs Under Lumbini Buddhist University

Buddhist Studies Programs


  1. Bachelor Program in Bhot Buddhist Studies
  2. Bachelor Program in Traditional Buddhist Art
  3. Bachelor in Sowa Rigpa Medicine (Tibetian Buddhist Medicine)


  1. Master Program in Mahayana Buddhism
  2. Master Program in Buddhism and Himalayan Studies
  3. Master Program in Theravada Buddhism
  4. Master Program in Applied Buddhism
  5. Master Program in Buddhism and Peace Studies
  6. Master Program In Buddhism and Sustainable Development (MBSD)
  7. Master Program in Buddhist Studies


  1. PhD in Buddhist Studies

Humanities and Social Sciences Programs


  1. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law (BALLB)
  2. Bachelor in Arts
  3. Bachelor in Travel and Tourism with honour in Buddhism


  1. Master in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological Sites
  2. Master in Museology and Buddhist Collections


  1. PhD in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeology

Development Sciences and Applied Sciences Programs


  1. Master in Agroforestry (MAF)
  2. Master in Development Studies (MDS)
  3. Master in Environmental Studies (MES)

Other programs

Post Graduate Degree

  1. PGD in Library, Information Science and Buddhist Archival Management
  2. PGD in Yogic Science and Buddhism
  3. PGD in Traditional Nepalese Art

Certificate Level Language Programs

  1. Pali Language
  2. Sanskrit Language
  3. Tibetan Language
  4. Chinese Language
  5. English Language

Lumbini  Research Centre

Lumbini Research Centre was established in 2076 BS in accordance with its Biniyamavali to achieve the research target of the institution. The university was established to operate high-standard educational research on Buddhist Philosophy, literature, education, culture and other relevant subjects. The centre is made to conduct study, teaching and research programs by promoting peace, fellowship, brotherhood, friendship and good with the Teachings of Lord Buddha.

Affiliated Colleges of Lumbini Buddhist University

  1. Lumbini Academic College of Buddhism and Himalayan Studies
  2. Lotus Academic College
  3. Sugat Bouddha Mahawidhyaalaya
  4. Buddha Multiple Campus
  5. Lumbini International Academy of Science and Technology
  6. Sowa Rigpa International College
  7. Jiri Buddhist College
  8. Theravada Buddhist Academy


The blog “Lumbini Buddhist University” discusses the history, establishment, faculties, program and research centre. For Notices and Results updates of the Lumbini Buddhist University, visit the Notice and Result Webpages of our Portal Gurubaa.

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