Lumbini Technical University announced its plan to provide IT and Engineering Programs

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Educational news in Nepal

Lumbini Technical University announced its plan to provide IT and Engineering Programs

Date: April 7, 2023


Lumbini Technical University, owned by the Lumbini state government, has announced the introduction of information technology and engineering programs in the upcoming 2080 academic session. The university is preparing to offer high-quality education that meets industry standards with a focus on innovation and research.

Lumbini Technical University Prioritizes Market-oriented Curriculum Development

The university is currently working on creating the curriculum for the educational programs, ensuring that it is market-oriented and meets current industry needs. Students will acquire professional skills that will help them succeed in their careers. In addition, the university will prioritize students from local municipalities under the Lumbini province, providing them with the opportunity to access high-quality education without having to leave their homes.

Priority for Local Students

Lumbini Technical University’s “Research and Innovation Center” will be equipped with all the necessary infrastructure to acquire intellectual property. The center will focus on research, exploration, and innovation, allowing students and faculty members to engage in research and innovation activities that will contribute to the development of the region.

Conclusion: Lumbini Technical University’s decision to introduce IT and engineering programs is a significant step towards providing quality education to students in the Lumbini province. The emphasis on developing a market-oriented curriculum and establishing a research and innovation center will undoubtedly enhance the development of skilled professionals in the region.

The news is based on the official announcement by Lumbini Technical University.

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Enthusiastic students interested in studying IT and engineering can reach out to Lumbini Technical University for further information.

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