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Lunch expenses rate increased by 10 rupees: Nepal government

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Better study and the capacity to enjoy a pleasant lunch prepared by the school itself are required. The school has been receiving excellent food thanks to the government’s allocation of lunch.

It is always ready to go, according to the students. Students began to say the same statements in public while having a frank discussion. Management, on the other hand, faces its own obstacles of not being to provide sweet snacks on a regular basis because of its small budget and the need to offer healthy food for many children. The government will provide lunch costs to all public schools at a cost of 15 rupees per student from Kindergarten through 6th grade, according to Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality.

Although they continue to provide food to the students on a regular basis, the fund for lunch at a cost of 15 rupees has not been paid in six months. Funds for the most basic need of feeding students a daily lunch are being delayed, according to Deputy Principal Sarita Khatri, despite the fact that all procedures have been finished.

As a consequence of this news, public school and student excitement have grown. To pupils in grades 7 through 8, the city will provide the full 25 rupees via internal sources.

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