MA Political Science Question Paper Same as The Previous Year

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Humanities Faculty in Tribhuvan University, Dean’s Office has been continuously making mistakes. Previously MA 3rd Semester Public Economics Question Paper was found same as the previous year and the issue is currently under investigation, and now the MA Political Science Question Paper of the 1st Semester was also found to be as same as the previous year.

Students are confused due to the question paper for 1st Semester MA Political Science, International Politics being the same as the previous year’s. It is considered quite normal for a few questions to be repeated, but for the entire set to repeat has created some serious speculations.

This situation has left a big question about the faculty’s responsibility for the secrecy of the question papers. The officials of the Dean’s Office said that Ram Krishna Tiwari, head of the Central Department of Political Science and the chairperson of the concerned subject committee, is also responsible for the duplication of question papers.

The Dean of the Humanities faculty Prof. Dr. Kusum Shakya, Assistant Dean monitoring the Exams Prof. Dr. Tara Bhusal, Administration, and the officials of the Examination Control Division concerned with this issue will be suspended and investigated.

The entire section of Long Answer Questions, Group A is the same while the Group B questions were rearranged, thus the entire question paper for MAPS. 553 was the same as the question paper of the previous year.

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