Madan Bhandari University to Open Admissions for Postgraduate and Undergraduate Programs

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Madan Bhandari University:

Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology is getting ready to welcome new students for postgraduate and undergraduate programs. In a significant step, a year after the law was passed, the university is now preparing to offer high-quality research-based education to students.

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Scholarships and Admissions:

Prof. Dr. Rajendra Dhav Joshi, the university’s president, announced that they plan to admit up to 32 deserving students in the first academic session. The university will provide free tuition at both levels and a monthly scholarship of Rs. 25 to 4 postgraduate and 4 undergraduate students, aiming to provide a total of 30,000 scholarships.

Program Offerings:

According to the University, Admissions will be open for three programs: Forest Biomaterials Science and Engineering, Organic Agriculture, and Tourism Infrastructure, in both postgraduate and undergraduate courses. A public notice for admissions will also be released soon.

Infrastructure Development:

The university has also made significant progress in constructing infrastructure, with four multi-purpose buildings and well-equipped laboratories on 180 Ropani land in Thaha Municipality-9 Chitlang, Makwanpur.

Board of Trustees:

The university’s Board of Trustees, led by industrialist Padam Jyoti, includes professors and IT experts from home and abroad, along with government officials. This structure aims the goal to make a free political interference university as there will be no Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor in the University.


The university has started a campaign to establish a president’s fund, appealing for financial support from the public. They intend to collect approximately one billion in donations from within Nepal, in addition to the government’s budget of Rs 1.4 billion.

Commitment and Support:

The government has already decided to allocate 1100 Ropani land in the Panchkhal and Namobuddha area of Kavrepalanchok for the university. Notably, all teaching staff will be on a contract basis, ensuring that the university maintains a focus only on research and professionalism.

Economic Impact:

Madan Bhandari University’s primary objective is to enhance Nepal’s economy by producing technically skilled professionals and researchers. They aim to create knowledge and technology that align with the local environment to contribute to a prosperous Nepal.

Research Collaborations:

The university has already partnered with the Larke Himal herb industry for joint studies and research. Further research agreements with the timber industry are in progress. They are actively researching topics such as hiking and trekking, mushroom seed production, water sanitation, and forest waste utilization.

Sustainable Practices:

The university has produced 400 kilowatts of electricity per hour from solar energy now as per the recent news and aims to cultivate ginger on the solar plant’s land. They’ve also planted kiwi plants, run an agricultural and animal farm, and installed biogas, water storage, and weather forecasting equipment in all their buildings.

Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology is ready to make a significant impact on education and research in Nepal, supporting a brighter future for the nation.

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