Mangalam Industries Pvt. Ltd. Introduces “Mangalam WireSafe”

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Nepal’s first manufacturers of CPVC pipes and fittings, and the country’s leading exporter of Nepal’s polymer piping systems; Mangalam Industries Private Limited has introduced “Mangalam WireSafe” to the Nepalese Market at the 7th Nepal Buildcon Expo.

According to the company, WireSafe FRLS Electrical Conduit Pipes are designed to provide a safe environment for homeowners.

The HDPE pipes are currently in use for wiring, the pipes are actually not made for wiring and cannot protect against electrical hazards. Different pipes are used in the construction of a house, there are pipes for drinking water, pipes for drainage but due to lack of awareness, HDPE is still used for wiring.  WireSafe FRLS Electrical Conduit Pipes are brought in the market to replace HDPE in wiring and protect against electrical hazards.

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