Marin Rural Municipality Empowers Girls with Bicycles and Cash Incentives

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Marin Rural Municipality Empowers Girls with Bicycles and Cash Incentives

Date: May 22, 2023

Marin Rural Municipality,
located in Sindhuli, has taken a significant step towards promoting female education and combating child marriage. In an effort to attract more girls to pursue higher education, the municipality has implemented a program that includes the distribution of bicycles and one lakh rupees (100,000 Nepalese Rupees) as incentives.

According to Bimarsha Moktan, the Chairman of Marin Rural Municipality, this initiative was carried out as part of the approved annual program for the financial year 2079/80. Under this program, bicycles and cash incentives were provided to eligible girls.

The main objective behind distributing bicycles is to facilitate easier access to education for girl students. To date, 160 girl students studying in class 11 across various schools within the village have been provided with bicycles. Additionally, as a further encouragement, one lakh rupees has been awarded as an incentive to five students who have successfully completed the standard level.

This proactive approach by Marin Rural Municipality aims to not only increase female enrollment in higher education but also to combat the prevalent issue of child marriage. By empowering girls through education, the municipality hopes to create a more inclusive and progressive society.

Marin Rural Municipality consists of two higher secondary schools, where the first phase of the initiative was initially implemented. Underprivileged, Dalit, and tribal girls studying in these schools were prioritized for receiving the distributed bicycles.

As part of its commitment to facilitating accessible education, Marin Rural Municipality has been actively organizing various special programs. In celebration of completing one year of his tenure, President Wimarsh Moktan proudly announced a list of 101 significant achievements, reflecting the municipality’s dedication to educational advancement and overall development.

By prioritizing the education and well-being of girls, Marin Rural Municipality sets a commendable example for other regions, emphasizing the importance of equal opportunities and the elimination of societal barriers. Through initiatives like these, the municipality strives to create a brighter future for its residents, fostering a culture of empowerment and progress.

This news article is based on information provided by Bimarsha Moktan, the Chairman of Marin Rural Municipality.

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To learn more about the educational initiatives and progress in Marin Rural Municipality, visit their official website or contact the municipality directly.

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