Masters in Media Studies at Kathmandu University

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Kathmandu University (KU) has started the Masters in Media Studies program. In press news on Tuesday, KU informed that the Master Program for Media Studies would be taught from this year onwards.

The Bachelor in Media Studies program has been running for 16 years and now, the program can be found at the Master’s level as well.

Shudhanshu Dahal, Chief of the Department of Language and Mass Communication at KU said it will be a golden opportunity for those who want to study for Masters in Media Studies. He mentioned that although mass media and journalism are being taught in other universities in Nepal, Media Studies is a different program taught at KU. The students enrolled here will study various dimensions of media with society, institutions, culture, and technology.

According to Chief Dahal, Ku’s media studies program is a combination of technical skills and theoretical knowledge, so there is a huge demand in the market for this program.

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