Medical College will be Built in Dadeldhura, Government’s Policy and Plans

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The policy and programs of the government presented to President Vidhya Devi Bhandari states that the government will be running special programs for the improvement of curriculum, teaching methods, testing system and physical infrastructure from basic to higher levels. The changes will be made to develop an education system that contributes to the development of the society and nation that can produce responsible citizens in the society and nation.

Medical Colleges and health

Likewise, the government has decided to run a Medical College in collaboration with Far Western University in Dadeldhura. It will be the first time that a college of medicals is opened at the regional level with the government and university’s collaboration. The government also has brought plans to establish two medical colleges in every province of the country.

Plans are also being made to increase the number of students based on the capacity of the educational institution for medical studies. Adding to it, President also said that airlifting vulnerable expecting and new mothers in remote areas will be further simplified.  To induce healthcare services in remote areas, telemedicine services will also be launched.

President informed that domestic production of basic life-saving medicines and medical oxygen will be encouraged along with enhancement of the pharmaceutical companies for increasing the pharmaceutical supply chain in Nepal.

Government’s Aims in Education for Coming Fiscal Year

The government aims to set a national standard for quality education and operate specialised model schools. Also, from the next fiscal year, the lunch program for community schools will be extended till grade 8. To raise the standard at the school level, the government aims to revise the implemented Presidential Reform Program and focus on the development of the physical infrastructure of the school and the conduct of extracurricular activities.

The government also plans to address the shortage of teachers in science, mathematics, English and technical subjects and to review the number of teachers in community schools based on the teacher-student ratio.

The government also plans to make legal arrangements to integrate madrasa education with the modern education system and to link the grants given in educational programs run by gurukul, gumba and madrasas with the number of students and the class.

Priority has been given by the government’s policy and program to obtain necessary counselling services for the government programs, determining the grants to be given to the university by rating the university based on indicators such as the quality of teaching of the university, contribution to research and employment of students.

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