Meta took down thousands of fake accounts linked to China-based groups

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In a recent move to combat the spread of misinformation on its platforms, Meta has removed thousands of fake accounts linked to China-based groups. These accounts, which numbered over 4,700, were found to be spreading content aimed at influencing American politics and US-China relations.

According to Meta, the groups behind these accounts employed various tactics to deceive users, including using stolen profile pictures and names, sharing and liking each other’s posts, and reposting speeches by American politicians. Their content often focused on divisive issues such as abortion, culture wars, and aid to Ukraine.

While Meta did not directly attribute the removed accounts to the Chinese government, it acknowledged the growing trend of such activities originating from China ahead of the 2024 US elections Meta Said.

Along with this, Meta also mentioned two small groups of the same nature that he discovered. Among them, a group based in China is posting about India and Tibet and another group based in Russia is posting about the Russia-Ukraine war.

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