Miklajung Rural Municipality Executes new Rule for Equality in Education

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Educational news in Nepal

Miklajung Rural Municipality Executes new Rule for Equality in Education


The Miklajung Rural Municipality of Panchthar has implemented an Education Act, making it compulsory for the children of teachers, employees, and people’s representatives working in the municipality to get admission in government schools. This new rule of the municipality aims to raise the standard of quality of education in the village.

According to the chairman of the municipality, Amar Makhim, this decision was made after seeing the decreasing quality of education in public schools. According to him, the implementation of this rule will begin from the academic session 2080, as outlined in section (22) of the Education Act 2079.

To implement the rule in an effective manner, the rural municipality has issued a public notice asking the children of public school representatives, teachers, and government employees to be admitted to public schools. The municipality claims that this new regulation will reduce inequality in the educational sector, ensuring that all children will have access to quality education regardless of their family background.

This new system of admitting all the students in public schools is to make the equality in education and to encourage the parents of the rural areas to send their children in schools for quality education. After ensuring all the students have equal access to education, the Miklajung Rural Municipality, Panchthar is planning to make good infrastructure and buildings for education in the future.

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