Minister, Rekha Sharma, Calls for Mandatory IT Education in the Country

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Educational news in Nepal

Mandatory IT Education in the Country


According to recent statements made by Rekha Sharma, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology in Nepal, the study of information technology ought to be mandatory in higher education. Sharma stressed that despite the widespread use of technology, there remains a deficiency in essential knowledge, skills, and awareness. Therefore, requiring its study in higher education is necessary.

Significance of IT Education

According to Minister Sharma, incorporating the study of information technology into higher education will equip students with the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in today’s digital age. She emphasized that with the growing reliance on technology across the globe, Nepal must keep pace and empower its people to engage in the digital economy on a global scale.

Requirement of Regulations and Guidelines

Minister Sharma emphasized the significance of having laws and policies governing the use of technology in Nepal. Despite the widespread use of technology in Nepal, the country lacks the essential regulations required to govern its usage. As a result, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has prioritized the development of policies and laws to address this issue.

Policy for Cybersecurity

According to the Minister, the cyber security policy was formulated in 2076 and presented to parliament in 2078. However, due to the latest elections, the previous bill has become void. The Minister assured that efforts are underway to develop a new cyber security policy, which, if approved, would enable the establishment of a cyber security law.

Raising Awareness

During the discussion, Minister Sharma emphasized the importance of raising awareness regarding acceptable and unacceptable content on social media. She highlighted that the improper use of social media due to lack of knowledge has resulted in a surge in violent occurrences. The minister holds the view that leveraging technology can assist in disseminating information about the regulations and laws mentioned in the constitution to the masses, thereby curtailing such incidents.

Minister Rekha Sharma’s proposal to make IT education mandatory in Nepal is a crucial move towards equipping the country for the upcoming digital era. The Ministry’s initiatives in formulating regulations and guidelines concerning technology usage and promoting its responsible application will aid in establishing a secure and efficient digital landscape in the nation.

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