Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology Introduces Online Foreign Study Permit

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Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology Introduces Online Foreign Study Permit

Date: May 15, 2023


The Foreign Study Permit Section under the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has announced that it will start issuing foreign study permits (NOC) online from today.

In order to make the service delivery cashless, faceless and paperless, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has decided to issue NOC online. This will make the entire process more efficient and convenient for the applicants. According to the ‘Foreign Study Approval Guidelines- 2079 BS’ approved by the Ministry, the NOC is going to be issued online.

Sub-sections (3) and (4) of Section 7 of the directive mandate that the service delivery should be made cashless, faceless and paperless, so that the service providers can download the foreign study approval letter using the electronic system. The branch has been issuing NOCs on a semi-online basis since September 1, 2018.

Under the new system, the no-objection certificate (NOC) will be issued online using the API model and portal model. The API of the concerned educational institutions will be integrated, and the NOC will be provided by making autonomous verification of the documents entered by the applicant online. Banks and financial institutions have made arrangements to submit the details of the students not availing the exchange facility of foreign currency online using the user account details available to them.

Conclusion: The introduction of online foreign study permits is a significant step towards making the process more efficient, convenient, and accessible to the students. This new system will enable the students to get the NOC without any hassle and will help them save time and effort.

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CTA: Students who want to study abroad can now apply for foreign study permit online through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology’s website.

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