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Monitoring Schools with Revised Curriculum

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A team along with the Director of Curriculum Development Centre has reached Baitadi for monitoring the Class 5 Curriculum which was implemented for testing in 28 districts. From the Academic Year 2079, the revised curriculum for Class 5 was implemented in Baitidi of Far-Western Province, and 28 Schools in the Himalayan, Hill and Terai areas of other Provinces.

The monitoring team has reached Baitadi to monitor the three schools where the revised curriculum has been implemented. Every 10 years, per the Curriculum Development guidelines, a revised curriculum will be applied to different schools for trial.

Director of Curriculum Development Centre Krishna Bashyal informed the revised curriculum of Class 5 had been implemented in 3 Schools of Baitadi in Far-Western Province, 3 schools of Surkhet in Karnali Province, 3 Schools of Palpa in Lumbini Province, 9 schools of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur in Bagmati Province, 4 Schools of Siraha in Madhesh Province, and 3 Schools Schools of Solukhumbu in Province 1 as a model in the trial.

He said the revised curriculum will be applied to all schools in the country, thus this year the model curriculum has been applied to 25 schools throughout the country for monitoring and feedback. The team has currently reached Baitadi and the feedback from teachers and students will be discussed after the team reaches Kathmandu with the collected data.

The director of the Curriculum Development centre along with the Curriculum Officer Naveen Khadka has monitored Nepal Rashtriya Primary School, Kedar Primary School and Jagannath Primary School of Baitadi where the model Curriculum for Class 5 was implemented for trial.

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