Well-Equipped Hostel at Nalanda Buddhist School, Mustang

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A new hostel building has been constructed at Nalanda Buddhist School in Tukuche, Mustang district to help the students. The three-storey building, which costs around Rs. 130 million to build, will provide accommodation for students from the backward and rural areas, including Mustang.

nalanda buddhist school
Nalanda Buddhist School, Tukuche Mustang.

Emphasizing the commitment to providing opportunities for education, Principal Tulachan mentioned that the hostel, set to operate in March, will offer dormitory facilities for poor and underprivileged children. He emphasized that the building is designed to maintain warmth in cold weather for student comfort.

The school currently offers accommodation for 215 students, from grades 1 to 10. Principal Tulachan shared. He also mentioned, “Students from various castes, religions, and different districts of Nepal and India are pursuing formal education at Nalanda Buddhist School.” And the school plans to admit female students in the future, expanding its inclusivity.

The initiative for the school’s physical infrastructure came from Dr. Mongoldhoj Tulachan, President of the Padma Sambhav Charity Foundation who led the collection of funds. However, All operational expenses are covered through donations, highlighting the community’s support of this school.

This school was established in 2010 to support economically disadvantaged students, and after that, the school has consistently achieved remarkable success, with students excelling in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). The curriculum, taught through Nepali, English, and Tibetan textbooks, aligns with the official government curriculum, providing a well-rounded education.

Source: The Rising Nepal

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