‘Ncell’s Total Assets Revealed”

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“Ncell’s Total Assets Revealed”


Ncell, Nepal’s leading mobile service provider, recently announced its total assets in a financial report released by parent company Aziata Group. According to the report, Ncell’s total assets amount to a staggering 6 trillion 83 billion 29 billion rupees. This revelation has sparked interest among investors and analysts alike who are curious about the company’s financial standing.

Low capital expenditure despite high earnings

Despite earning 39.81 billion rupees in 2022, Ncell’s capital expenditure was reported to be only 66 billion 84 million rupees. This low capital expenditure is surprising, considering the company’s high earnings. The financial report reveals that Ncell’s financial management strategies are commendable, and they have been able to optimize their expenditure to maintain profitability.

Ncell’s cash and bank balance

Ncell’s financial report also reveals that the company has a cash and bank balance of one trillion 84 billion 15 million rupees. This is a remarkable feat for a mobile service provider, and it is a testament to the company’s efficient financial management. This impressive cash balance puts Ncell in a favorable position for future investments and expansion.

Liabilities and lease payments

The financial report released by Aziata Group sheds light on Ncell’s liabilities and lease payments. The company owes one trillion 94 billion 25 million rupees, while their liability for lease payments amounts to 33 billion 15 million rupees. Although Ncell’s liabilities may seem high, it is important to note that the company’s total assets far outweigh their liabilities. This indicates that the company is financially stable and capable of meeting its financial obligations.

Overall, the financial report released by Aziata Group provides valuable insights into Ncell’s financial status, and the company’s impressive total assets, cash balance, and efficient expenditure management are notable achievements.

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