Nepal government proposed law to Stop School teachers from doing business and striking

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The Nepal government has proposed a law that will prohibit school teachers from establishing any company or doing business without the approval of the local level. The law also prohibits teachers from working or serving anywhere other than the school, and from taking part in strikes.

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Nepal government proposed law:

In the ‘Bill 2080 to Amend and Consolidate Laws on School Education’ registered by the government in the Parliament, there is a provision that states a teacher shall not establish or operate any bank, company, or cooperative without prior approval from the local level. Additionally, the provision states that teachers must be registered in accordance with the law to establish or participate in the operation of any organization.

The proposed law has been met with mixed reactions from teachers. Some teachers support the law, saying that it will help to improve the quality of education. Others oppose the law, saying that it is unfair and restricts their freedom.

The proposed law is still in the early stages of development and it is unclear when it will be passed into law. However, if the law is passed, it would have a significant impact on school teachers in Nepal.

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