Government School Teachers Protest School Education Bill-2080

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Teachers in Nepal are protesting against certain provisions in the recently introduced “School Education Bill 2080 BS”. They are demanding changes to sections 71-88 of the bill, which includes restrictions on accepting donations and gifts, prohibitions on engaging in business or serving elsewhere, and limitations on participating in demonstrations or going on strike.

The teachers’ federation also wants changes to regulations regarding property disclosure, responsible teaching, breaches of rules and codes of conduct, as well as salary suspensions, promotion suspensions, and local-level dismissals for teachers who fail to disclose property.

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The Nepal Teachers’ Federation has made a 17-point demand, which includes making temporary teachers permanent through internal examinations, ensuring permanent tenure, addressing temporary/contract issues, providing teacher training subsidies, supporting special education, and appointing principals through the Teachers Service Commission.

  • The teachers are also demanding that the government allocate 20 percent of the total budget to education.
  • The teachers have gathered at Maitighar Mandala in Kathmandu to stage demonstrations. They were carrying play cards with slogans such as “Stop abuse of school teachers” and “Allocate 20 percent of the total budget in education.”
  • The Ministry of Education has called upon the protesting teachers for negotiation, but the teachers have not attended the talks.

The protest is likely to continue until the government agrees to address the concerns of the teachers.

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