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Nepal Open University was established with the aim of expanding access to higher education for the many people who cannot reach conventional higher education institutions. This university was established in 2073 BS (2016) by an Act of Parliament by the government with Act 3. Nepal Open University is the first Open University in Nepal with equal legal status to other Universities in the country.

NOU, unlike other conventional universities, does not need students to come to the university instead, this university reaches out to the students to educate, train and validate their experiences with certification of their higher education. The purpose of establishing this institution is to be flexible to the students regarding time, place and academic levels.

The university aims to provide education to those unable to reach conventional education. The completion of school-level education is the basic requirement to enrol in the university and there will be courses helping students reach the admission requirement of the educational programs.

Nepal Open University will be running its programs in distant learning mode through online mediums focusing on technical and vocational education, science and technology, and interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary courses as the higher education priority areas state in higher education policy. The courses NOU provides will prepare the graduates for jobs or self-employment competently in the national and international markets. 

The University strive to make educational programs inclusive and relevant to the national needs of creating an educated society and training the students to be working-class people in both Nepal and the Global world. Nepal Open University will run general and professional management, humanities and social sciences, law, education, and other relevant fields. The university will also expand its number of programs through the university’s research and development unit. 


There are 3 faculties under Nepal Open University. They are listed and discussed below:

1. Faculty of Science Health and Technology

The  Faculty of Science Health and Technology under Nepal Open University provides students with quality education considering all the aspects affecting students. The university has brought alternative methods to the students where they can study in a virtual classroom with ease of time and place. The students are taught with physical and virtual contact with timely effective feedback from the teachers.

2. Faculty of Social Sciences and Education

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Education under Nepal Open University provides programs designed to be up to date and valid in the context of the current job context of Nepal. The members of this faculty are dedicated to imparting quality education and leading students from guided to autonomous learning and researching practices. The Faculty carefully observes the quality of educational processes from the start to the end to ensure students with the quality education they are promised.

3. Faculty of Management and Law

The faculty of Management and Law under the Nepal Open University aims to impart quality education that fulfils the needs of the nation and the global market by training students with market-oriented and innovative knowledge, skills and abilities. The programs brought by the Faculty of Management and Law have been designed to meet the market gaps seen in both disciplines. The faculty is dedicated to putting effort into providing serious and meaningful higher education to its students.

Programs under Nepal Open University

All programs provided by the Nepal Open University are listed below:

Science Health and Technology Programs


  1. Masters in Natural Resources and Development (NRD)
  2. Masters in e-Governance
  3. Masters in Geoinformatics
  4. Masters in Science in Environmental and Occupational Health


  1. MPhil in ICT

Social Sciences and Education Programs


  1. Diploma in Library and Information Management


  1. Bachelor in Arts
  2. One-Year Bachelor of Education


  1. MPhil in Political Sciences and Economics
  2. MPhil in Education


  1. Master of Educational Sciences
  2. Master in Educational Sciences in Nepali Education
  3. Master in Media and Communication Studies

Management and Law Programs


  1. Bachelor in Business Studies
  2. Bachelor of Law


  1. MS in Development Management and Governance
  2. Masters of Business Administration

Admission to Nepal Open University

For admission in the Nepal Open University, the candidates can apply by submitting an online form. The required documents for submitting the online form will be listed below: (All  the documents should be scanned and uploaded while filling up the online form)

  1. Scan of the Candidate’s Passport Size Photo
  2. Scan of Document Clarifying the Candidate’s Date of Birth (AD and BS)
  3. Scan of the Candidate’s SLC or Equivalent – Character Certificate and Marksheet/ Transcript
  4. Scan of the Candidate’s +2/ PCL or Equivalent – Character Certificate and Marksheet/ Transcript
  5. Scan of the Candidate’s Bachelor or Equivalent – Character Certificate and Marksheet/ Transcript
  6. Scan of the Candidate’s Master or Equivalent – Character Certificate and Marksheet/ Transcript
  7. Scan of a Rs 1000/- Voucher that is submitted to Rastriya Banijya Bank, Sanothimi Branch, Bhaktapur in the Bank Account 173000266001 for Nepal Open University. Or a Screenshot or PDF record if the amount is submitted through Esewa or other online methods.

The documents candidates possess will be used by the candidates to apply for education at a higher level. If candidates face any problems while filling the online form contact the administration through Email: or Phone no: 01-5008047/5008048.

Where is Nepal Open University Located?

Nepal Open University is located on the Kumaripati-Mahalaxmisthan Road, Lalitpur.


This blog “ Nepal Open University” discusses the basic details of Nepal Open University including Faculties, Programs and facilities. For Notices and Results Updated by the NOU, visit the Notice and Result webpages of our website Gurubaa.

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