Nepal successfully rebuilds over 7,000 quake-damaged schools in six years

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Over 7,000 schools destroyed by the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015, have been rebuilt in six years in Nepal. The schools were rebuilt in the 14 most affected districts of the country through a combination of funding from the Nepal government, donor agencies, and School Management Committees.


The reconstruction of the schools is a significant milestone in the nation’s recovery efforts following the earthquake. The Nepal government allocated funds from its own budget and established the Central Level Project Implementation Unit (CLPIU) and the District Level Project Implementation Unit (DLPIU) to oversee the reconstruction process.

More schools were constructed than those that were damaged in the earthquake because, during the reconstruction process, it was discovered that some schools were in poor condition and were also rebuilt. The reconstruction of the schools will be completed by March 2024.

A total of 7,677 schools were rebuilt, with 7,561 schools already handed over to the School Management Committees and 116 schools still undergoing reconstruction. In the reconstructed schools, 3,453 separate toilets for boys and girls have been constructed, and 2,170 schools have been equipped with essential drinking water facilities. All the schools reconstructed at the district level meet the required standards.

The reconstruction of the schools has elevated them to high standards, but the management teams have encountered operational challenges. For example, some schools have reported a shortage of classrooms and a lack of disability-friendly features.

Despite these challenges, the reconstruction of the schools is a major achievement for Nepal. The new schools will provide much-needed educational opportunities for thousands of Nepali children. Read more: here

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