Nepal Teachers Association(NTA) to Shut Nationwide Schools, against the School Education Bill 2023

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The Nepal Teachers’ Association (NTA) has announced that it will shut down schools across the country starting September 20, 2023, in protest against the School Education Bill, 2023. The NTA says that the bill does not address the concerns of teachers and gives too much power to local governments.


The NTA is particularly concerned about the following provisions in the bill:

  • The appointment of local-level ward heads as school management committee chairpersons
  • The lack of permanent status for temporary teachers
  • The lack of additional posts for school staff
  • The hiring of class teachers of children from outside the school structure
  • The new proposals to calculate the temporary period and pension period
  • The teachers’ promotion
  • The appointment of principal
  • The teachers’ transfer and performance evaluation

The NTA has also raised concerns about the following issues: giving permanent status to temporary teachers, creating more jobs for school staff, hiring class teachers for children from outside the school system, new proposals for calculating temporary and pension periods, teacher promotions, principal appointments, and teacher transfers and performance evaluations.

The NTA says that it will continue its protest until the government makes amendments to the bill that address the concerns of teachers.

The protest is expected to affect approximately 7 million students attending 34,000 schools across the country.

The protest by the NTA is a major challenge for the government. The government will need to find a way to address the concerns of teachers if it wants to get the bill passed by Parliament. Otherwise, the protest could lead to a prolonged period of uncertainty and disruption in the education sector.


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