Nepali Students returning home from Israel

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In a humanitarian effort, Nepal Airlines successfully airlifted 253 Nepali students from the conflict-ridden nation of Israel. The students, eager to return home, were transported aboard a spacious Nepal Airlines Airbus A330, which boasts 274 seats.

Students from Israel
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The mission took off from Ben Gurion International Airport at approximately 5 pm NST and is anticipated to touch down in Kathmandu around 1 am local time on Friday. The safe return of the students was facilitated by the presence of Nepal’s Foreign Minister, NP Saud, who personally greeted the returning Nepali nationals aboard the aircraft.

This commendable operation wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative support of Israeli authorities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its gratitude to the Israeli counterparts for their assistance in ensuring the safety of Nepali citizens, aiding in their movement to the airport, securing flight clearance, and managing essential procedures.

Unfortunately, due to the tragic events in Israel, where 10 Nepali individuals lost their lives, the repatriation of their bodies may encounter some delays. The Foreign Ministry has acknowledged this challenge and is working diligently to bring closure to the affected families.

In response to the crisis, the Cabinet held a meeting on Wednesday and resolved to dispatch Foreign Minister NP Saud to the war-affected region. This decision highlights the government’s commitment to safeguard the welfare of its citizens, even in trying times.

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