New Species of Bird Recorded

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In Illam, a new species of bird known as Black-breasted Thrush has been recorded for the first time. This is the first time this species of bird was recorded in Nepal.

A team of ornithologists recorded the bird at Sukrabare, Danabari in Illam on March 9. A male of the bird was verified by Nepal Bird Record Committee (NBRC). The team that recorded the bird included Carol Inskipp, ornithologist and co-author of Birds of Nepal, Nepali ornithologist Tikaram Giri, and Sanjeev Acharya, President of Koshi Bird Society and Executive Member of Nepalese Ornithological Union.

Ornithologist Dr Hem Sagar Baral confirmed the record genuine and said that there might be two reasons for discovering new species of bird one, the bird might have lost their way and entered Nepal or, that the species have expended their range. With this, the number of bird species in Nepal has reached 890.

The bird was verified on Monday with a lot of clarifications and discussion, the verification took time although it was recorded almost two weeks ago, said Dr Tulsi Subedi, Ornithologist and NBRC Chairman.

Black-breasted Thrush usually is found in North-East India Myanmar, North-west Thailand, South China, North Laos and North Vietnam.

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