No need to go to the transport office to obtain a health test for a driving license.

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The health test requirement for obtaining a driving license has been streamlined with a new provision in Kathmandu. The Department of Transport Management, in collaboration with the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, has introduced a guideline allowing users to undergo a health check-up with a registered doctor outside the transport office.

This initiative aims to reduce crowding at the office during health check-ups. New applicants can now choose between going to the relevant transport office or opting for a health check-up with a registered doctor outside the office. The online application system facilitates the process, providing users with a convenient and efficient way to apply for a driver’s license.For those choosing the office-based health check-up, the application involves selecting the license category, office location, and preferred date.

After submitting the application, a unique ‘Reference Number’ is generated. The applicant then downloads the application form, visits the office, provides necessary details, and undergoes a health test.Alternatively, for those opting for a health check-up with a registered doctor outside the office, the process involves submitting the application, providing the doctor’s name and address, and meeting the doctor for a health examination. The doctor assesses the applicant’s health and uploads the medical report through the online application system.

Subsequently, the applicant can choose a date to visit the office, receive a ‘Reference Number’ with a ‘Barcode,’ and complete the application process by downloading the registration form and visiting the office.

Source: Techpana

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