Nonimmigrant Visa Fees to Increase Starting June 17, 2023

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Nonimmigrant Visa Fees to Increase Starting June 17, 2023

Date: June 2, 2023


The United States Department of State has announced that the fees for nonimmigrant visas (NIVs) will be raised effective June 17, 2023. The fee adjustments will apply to various visa categories, including visitor visas for business or tourism, student and exchange visitor visas, as well as temporary worker visas. The new fees are based on the actual cost of providing NIV services and have been determined through a comprehensive study.

Nonimmigrant Visa CategoryCurrent FeeFee as of June 17, 2023
Visitor visas for business or tourism$160$185
Student and exchange visitor visas$160$185
Temporary worker visas (H, L, O, P, Q, R)$190$205
Nonimmigrant E category visas$205$315

Note: Fees paid before June 17, 2023, will remain valid until the expiration date mentioned on the fee receipt.

The Department of State determines NIV fees by utilizing an Activity-Based Costing (ABC) methodology. This approach allows for the calculation of the actual cost of providing consular services, including visa services, on an annual basis. The fees for most non-petition based NIVs were last updated in 2012, while certain other visa fees were last adjusted in 2014.

It is worth mentioning that this fee increase does not affect other fees, such as the fee for applying for a waiver of the two-year residency requirement for certain exchange visitors, which remains at $120.

For detailed fee information, individuals can visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs website or consult the websites of U.S. embassies and consulates.

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CTA: Visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs website for detailed fee information:

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