Now, Users can use Google’s AI Bard in Google Messages too

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According to a recent report by Nine to Five Google, users can now access several AI-driven features within the Google messages app by incorporating the AI chatbot known as “Bard.”. These include composing messages, translating written or received messages, extracting information from images, and exploring content based on user preferences.

As the default messaging app is for Android, Google Messages is undergoing improvements with the integration of Bard according to Google.

The beta version of the AI-integrated Google Messages app has been released, and Nine to Five Google shared a screenshot demonstrating how Bard can be utilized within the app.

google messages bard insight 1
google messages bard insight 2

The “Bard” option will reportedly appear below the “New Conversation” option. Upon selecting it, users will enter an interface where they can interact with Bard in a chat-like manner.

Google assures users that their conversations with Bard will remain confidential. However, it is advised to verify critical information independently, as the accuracy of responses may not be guaranteed.

To engage with Bard through the messaging app, users need an internet connection, and communication with Bard is limited to RCS messages. Similar to regular conversations displayed on the app’s home page, the Bard icon will also be visible for easy access. Users can initiate conversations with Bard as needed.

As of now, Google has not provided information on when this feature will be made publicly available to all users. Stay tuned for further updates on Google’s innovative AI integration in messaging.

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