Now you can easily fill out transcript forms online on TU and have them delivered to you by post.

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Kathmandu: Students of Tribhuvan University will be able to get transcripts from home. The University, Examination Control Office (PANICA) has prepared to provide transcripts and other services online so that the service users do not have to come to the office at Balkhu.

The head of PANI, Pushparaj Joshi, said that the system required for this has been prepared and informed that today (Sunday) a sample will be displayed among the officials of the university at the Institute of Engineering Studies (IOE) Pulchowk.

According to Joshi, this system can be used to get transcripts, complete certificates, and correct names. “Now, to do that, students have to come in large numbers and do all the work like depositing money in the bank, filling in forms,” ​​he told Techpana, “Once this system starts, all those hassles will be removed.”

According to Joshi, this work will be carried out in an orderly manner with the management of the manpower required to operate the system properly. He said that they are trying to arrange it because there is not enough manpower at present.

“Now there are only six employees in the office to do this work. We have demanded seven more employees,” said Joshi.

He said that if everything goes well, this system will start from the first week of Magh. In addition, he said that there is a plan to deliver the certificate to the student’s address in coordination with the postal service department in the future.

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