NSU presents a 29-Points Memorandum to the Education Minister

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Minister of Education, Science and Technology Devendra Poudel said that the government will be monitoring the excessive fees imposed upon class 11 and other levels. On Sunday, Nepal Student Union presented a memorandum letter addressing the structural problems for the overall development of Education.

NSU presented a 29 Points of Demand Memorandum letter to the Education Minister. Minister Poudel said that they are preparing to address the matter of schools imposing excessive fees on students, a point mentioned in the memorandum.

Minister Poudel said that the Student Union suggested that there are problems in the country’s higher education system, a pressing matter the ministry is serious about solving. He said the ministry will be checking whether the colleges claiming to be affiliated with the International Universities are affiliated or not. In terms of scholarships as well, they will be monitoring if the scholarships are given to the target groups or not as there have been many complaints regarding scholarships as well.

Minister Poudel has also said that it has been harder to address complaints filed against TU by the students who are not even studying at the University. He also said that Nepal Student Union should end the practice of padlocking.

Similarly, the Chairman of the Nepal Student Union Dujhang Sherpa demanded that students who are to admission in Grade 11 should be getting 80 percent off on the admission fees. He claimed that the schools are robbing the parents in the name of Admission Fees. He said the student unions and the Ministry of Education have remained silent while schools rob the students and their parents. He also claimed that the scholarships are granted to students outside the target group.

NSU has submitted the 29 Points Demand memorandum letter along with the request for action against the schools imposing high fees on students and 80 percent off the admission charge to the Minister of Education.

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