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Number of People going for Foreign Studies is Increasing

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In recent days, the number of people going for Foreign Studies is increasing. The number of students taking the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for foreign studies is increasing, said Hari Niraula, Head of the NOC branch. He added that as the Corona situation has eased recently, the number of people going for foreign studies is also increasing.

Compared to last year’s Baishak and Jestha, the students taking NOC have increased 14 times. Last year 2,152 students took NOC in Baishak and Jestha, this year the number reached 30,384. Last year, 1,696 students took the NOC, in Jestha 456, in Asar 3,109, in Shrawan 5,341, in Bhadra 5,860, in Ashoj 4,963, in Kartik 3,575, in Mangsir 5,695, in Poush 7,084, in Magh 9,513, in Falgun 13,972, and in Chaitra 16,348 students took NOC for Foreign Studies.

This year, however, 15,771 students took NOC in Baishak and 14,613 students took NOC in Jestha. The popular choice of destinations for the study are Australia, Japan, America, and Canada. Currently, about 1000 students apply daily for foreign studies, said Niraula.

Students who take the NOC to study in foreign countries do not return to Nepal after they complete their studies, they settle there. Due to this, the students have the knowledge, skills and ability have settled in the foreign countries which has adversely affected Nepal’s Economy, claimed Niraula.

Former Secretary Rameshwor Khanal said many people leaving for the foreign country have adversely affected the economy of Nepal. The foreign currency is flowing out and the situation will not be beneficial to Nepal. He mentioned that students who go abroad from countries like China and Japan, return back to their country and work, thus those countries develop. The situation is not the same in Nepal, the students go abroad and settle there.

This results in the economy as the investment made by the country is not used for the country. Although the people in foreign countries have to send remittances, it will not help as when they finish their studies, they will begin making investments abroad.

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