Old Books are being used for the New Academic Sessions

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Most students of the Bajura Districts have started learning with the use of the old books they are bound to do so as the books still haven’t reached students there. Among these, a few students have managed to get hold of the new books. Schools that have received the books timely from the Bajura Books Depot have been able to provide new books to the students. Still, a large number of students are bound to use old books.

Mahendra Primary School of Budhi Ganga Municipality, Bajura have timely received the books as Pavin and Lalit Stationery have managed to provide the books timely. The students of Mahendra Primary School have been studying with the new books in this academic session, said Bhavani Regmi, Principal of  Mahendra Primary School. Similarly, almost 34 schools have started studying with new books.

Although many other schools that were started at the same time for new Academic Sessions have not yet received the books. As books aren’t available yet, teachers have started teaching with the help of the internet.

Maha Singh Thapa, Principal of Dhuralsain Secondary School said students have been admitted to the school with the start of the new academic Session yet the teaching cannot be done properly as there aren’t books with the school.

Janak Shiksha Samagri’s provincial office in Dhangadhi has been distributing books to book depots in all the nine districts of the far-western region. Although Janak Shiksha has instructed the provincial office in Dhangadhi to give priority to Bajura and Darchula, the books have not yet reached most of the schools in Bajura and Darchula.

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