Online Driving License Revenue Payment System Introduced in Nepal

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In a move aimed at simplifying the process for citizens, A system to pay driving license revenue online has been introduced in Nepal. The system was inaugurated by Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Prakash Jwala at a ceremony held at the Transport Management Office Ekantakuna on Thursday.

Online Driving License:

The new system will allow customers to pay their driver’s license revenue online when they submit their driver’s license form at the Transport Management Office “This is expected to reduce the queues at customer offices and make the process of obtaining a driver’s license more efficient,” said Minister Jwala.

According to a recent notice, In the first phase, the online payment system will be implemented at the Transport Management Office in Ekantakuna. In the second phase, it will be implemented at all traffic management offices in the Kathmandu Valley after Dashain. In the third phase, it will be implemented all over the country.

The Department of Transportation Management is also working with payment service providers to implement the new system.

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