Only 1/3rd % Students get PR in CANADA-International Students

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Only 1/3rd % Students get PR in CANADA-International Students

A recent study conducted by geography faculty member Jenny Francis at Langara College in Vancouver reveals that while most international students in Canada aspire to become permanent residents, only a small amount of 1/3rd% of international students actually achieve this goal. The study raises concerns about the treatment of international students and questions the prioritization of their interests in the country’s education system.

Canada has been a popular destination for international students, and previous surveys indicated that approximately 60% of these students plan to apply for permanent residence in the country.

Jenny Francis’ study analyzed data from Statistics Canada, which showed that only 30% of international students with a bachelor’s degree obtain permanent residency within 10 years of obtaining their study permit. The study surveyed over 1,000 international students and recent graduates under the post-graduate work permit program in Canada.

Francis pointed out that some overseas agents mislead students, convincing them that obtaining permanent resident status in Canada is relatively easy, while in reality, the process can take many years, and the application may eventually be rejected.

The study highlights the challenges faced by international students who hope to become permanent residents in Canada. It raises concerns about the exploitation of these students for financial gains and the lack of support they receive in finding employment and advancing toward their goal of staying in the country.

The issue of international students’ prospects for permanent residency is part of a broader debate about the treatment of foreign students and the need for an international student immigration strategy. The study’s findings may prompt discussions and policy considerations regarding better support for international students in Canada.

This news presents Jenny Francis’ perspective, emphasizing concerns about the treatment of international students in Canada. However, it also mentions outgoing Universities Canada President Paul Davidson’s statement about immigration being a non-partisan issue and Canada’s previous efforts to support students who wish to stay after graduation.

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