Out of 958 libraries in the country, 671 are closed

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It has been found that 671 libraries out of a total of 928 libraries are closed. Out of 928 libraries that have been open since 1974 BS till today, only 227 are operating properly. This has been shown through the survey made by the Read Nepal and Shanti Volunteer Association.

The detailed report will be presented on Asar 15 and 16 on the occasion of the Second National Community and Public Library Conference, informed Chandra Niraula, Deputy Secretary at the Ministry of Education. The survey was conducted all over the country with 60 questions in the survey questionnaire.

Speaking at a press conference for the Second National Conference, Deputy Secretary Niraula said that the government was preparing to open 753 public libraries at all local levels, even though the number of public libraries currently operating in Nepal is insignificant. According to Niraula, the government has plans to grant 1 to 10 lakhs to 98 libraries.

Speaking at the press conference, Bhola Kumar Shrestha of the Read Nepal said that many libraries have not been able to operate in Nepal for a long time due to the opening of libraries in Nepal without permanent resources. Shrestha clarified that Read Nepal currently operates libraries in 69 places in 43 districts of Nepal and all of them are running smoothly as they are linked to sustainable development programs.

Binod Gurung of the Peace Volunteers Association stressed the need for the government to increase the number of public libraries. Chiz Kumar Shrestha of the Read Nepal said that the government-funded libraries were closed due to a lack of sustainable development plans and community ownership, but the libraries started by the Read Nepal 31 years ago are still operating smoothly.

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