Over 1,100 Teachers Fail to Submit Asset Details

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Over 1,100 Teachers Fail to Submit Asset Details


In the fiscal year 2078-79, 1,158 teachers have come under scrutiny for not submitting their property details. This has raised concerns about accountability and transparency within the education sector, prompting authorities to take action against those who failed to comply.

The National Vigilance Center recently revealed that 1,158 teachers did not provide their property details, raising questions about their financial accountability. The National Vigilance Center has taken this matter seriously and submitted a report to the Investigation Commission on Abuse of Authority for further action.

National Vigilance Centre
National Vigilance Centre

In addition to the teachers, the Center has identified 9,590 employees from various federal and state government agencies who have also failed to submit their property details. The breakdown includes 3,453 civil service employees, 113 from Nepal Police, 1,922 political appointees, and contract workers. Furthermore, 1,027 individuals from the provincial level and 1,917 from the local level have not complied with this requirement.

The failure to submit asset details can have significant implications for accountability and integrity within the education sector. It raises concerns about potential corruption and lack of transparency among teachers and government employees. Taking appropriate action against non-compliance is crucial to uphold the credibility of the education system and maintain public trust.

This news story highlights the importance of adhering to regulations and ensuring financial transparency within the education sector. It also sheds light on broader issues related to governance, accountability, and ethics in public service.

The news presents factual information without specific viewpoints to maintain a neutral tone.

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