“Over 50 Killed in Two Travel-Related Accidents in Pakistan: Bus Crash and Boating Incident”

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In Pakistan, a tragic accident occurred on Sunday, resulting in the deaths of over 50 people in two separate incidents. In the southwest of the country, at least 41 people were killed when a bus fell into a ravine and caught fire. In the northwest, at least 10 children drowned in a boating accident on Tanda Dam, a lake near Kohat. The boat, which was carrying more than two dozen people on a day trip from a local madrassa (Islamic school), overturned.

The bus accident occurred near the southern city of Bela, in Balochistan Province, as the bus was travelling to the port city of Karachi. According to local official Hamza Anjum, the bus was hit by a pillar on a bridge before the crash. The bodies found at the scene were “beyond recognition” and DNA tests will be used to determine the identity of the remains.

Rescue operations are underway in both incidents, with 11 children being rescued from the boat accident and six in critical condition. Another nine children are believed to be missing. The causes of both accidents are being investigated. This tragic event has left the nation in mourning and condolences are pouring in for the families of the victims.

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