Palpa Stakeholders Propose Mandatory Technical Education for All

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Educational news in Nepal

Palpa Stakeholders Propose Mandatory Technical Education for All


Stakeholders in Palpa recently suggested that technical education should be made mandatory in Nepal to produce a competent and productive workforce. They recognize the importance of technical education in providing quality education and skilled manpower for the overall development of the country. The suggestion was made during a recent convention and honor program of the Nepal Teachers Association Palpa.

Importance of Quality Education for Sustainable Development:

According to Rajendraraj Paudel, the Central President of the Nepal Teachers’ Association, quality education is vital for sustainable peace, good governance, development, and prosperity in Nepal. He believes that skilled, scientific, practical, and quality education is the foundation of a prosperous Nepal. Therefore, he emphasizes that access to quality education is essential for the country’s overall development.

Stakeholders’ Suggestions for Nepal’s Development:

The stakeholders highlighted the need to remove the misconception that studies are better in private schools than government schools. Krishna Thapa, President of the Teacher’s Association of Palpa, suggested ending the distinction between private and public education. They believe that policies prepared in the education sector are good, but the lack of implementation and monitoring makes them unstable. Therefore, education policy needs to be implemented, and technical knowledge should be emphasized in future exams to prepare the future generation for a rapidly evolving technological landscape.


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