Parliament directs to Complete the printing Textbooks within a month

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The Parliamentary Committee has directed the government to complete printing the remaining books within a month and deliver them to the students. The Education and Health Committee under the House of Representatives has directed the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Janak Shiksha Samagri Limited to complete printing the remaining textbooks within a month during the Wednesday meeting.

Jaipuri Gharti, the Chairperson of the Committee said that it was also directed to make arrangements to distribute the printed books to the students. To complete printing 35 lakhs books within the given time, the committee has suggested using other printing press as well.

As the long-term solution to the untimely access to school textbooks, the Committee has asked the government to do the printing work at the State Level Government and the distributing work is to be done by the Local Level Government. The work distribution has been done to solve the problem of untimely access to books that has been seen for a long time, said Gharti.

Gharti also drew attention that the Government schools would not be able to function without textbooks, and due to the untimely delivery of the books, the situation has become so.

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