Prime Minister Prachanda Calls for Research and Innovation to Transform Nepali Universities

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Prime Minister Prachanda Calls for Research and Innovation to Transform Nepali Universities


Prime Minister Pushkamal Dahal Prachanda said that it is necessary to develop the university as a center of innovation and research.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the first national convention of the Nepal National Professors Association, he said that there is a need for fundamental higher education based on research.

Some of the points highlighted by Prime Minister Pushkamal Dahal Prachanda.

  • In the academic field, it is important to discuss the theoretical and philosophical aspects of development and transformation.
  • Extensive research on global experiences, theories, and philosophies is needed at the university level to find a development and change model suitable for Nepal.
  • Professors should prioritize research to address the issue of educational unemployment and focus on designing higher education courses that promote employment, self-employment, and prosperity by fostering an entrepreneurial atmosphere.
  • The Prime Minister emphasized that universities’ courses and teaching should be based on information technology to develop a workforce suitable for the current age.
  • The development of information technology in higher education globally is leading to the emergence of artificial intelligence in governance.
  • The Prime Minister stressed the necessity for universities to fully utilize and develop information technology in their teaching methods.
  • Corruption within institutions has caused stagnation in the country’s economic sector, and the government is committed to eradicating corruption and establishing good governance.
  • The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of professors and the educational sector in combating corruption to ensure effective governance in the country.
  • Educational institutions should prioritize teaching morality, and universities should be viewed as models of good governance and morality to meet the expectations of the people.
  • The government has passed policies and programs amid great complications. The government wants to have a budget according to the policy program. Now, we are preparing to introduce a revolutionary program to increase agricultural production and provide employment to the youth in all 753 municipalities.

In addition, Prime Minister Prachanda informed that the budget is being prepared according to the policies and programs recently passed by the government. He said that all the problems in the education sector should be solved by forming a higher education commission.

Prime Minister Prachanda, while giving information that he is going to visit India on the 17th of June, expressed his belief that this visit to India will be very special and will give importance to the national interest. During the visit, efforts will be made to open the trade transport agreement that has been stalled since 2019, to break through the matter of adding air routes, to restart the Pancheswar multi-purpose project, which has been stalled for years, and to address the border problem, he said. Also, he expressed his commitment not to make any agreements or agreements to the detriment of Nepal.

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