Prime Minister Prachanda Highlights Importance of Research and Innovation in University Education

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Prime Minister Prachanda Highlights Importance of Research and Innovation in University Education

Date: [29th Of Jestha,2023]


Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, commonly known as Prachanda, has called for a shift in the style of teaching and learning in universities, urging a greater focus on research and innovation. Speaking at the convocation ceremony of Kathmandu University, he highlighted the importance of research in driving social change and announced government plans to involve universities in conducting research for the benefit of the nation.

Addressing the 28th convocation ceremony at Kathmandu University, Prime Minister Prachanda expressed his belief that university education should place a stronger emphasis on research and innovation. He stressed the need for universities and higher educational institutions to adapt their teaching methods to meet the evolving needs of society. The Prime Minister suggested that master’s programs should prioritize research and innovation, while undergraduate programs should focus on practical skills and experiential learning.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to research and academia, Prachanda shared that the government had decided to collaborate with universities to conduct research projects, allowing university teachers to contribute to the state’s development. He acknowledged the role of universities in producing skilled human resources and commended Kathmandu University for preventing the brain drain by providing education at par with international standards.

Moreover, the Prime Minister announced the government’s support for Kathmandu University’s proposal to offer initial employment opportunities to talented graduates at the bachelor’s level. He assured the university of the government’s commitment to supporting its expansion and sustainability.

In addition to emphasizing research and innovation in university education, Prachanda highlighted the potential for Nepal to become a prominent educational hub in South Asia. The government is working on a commerce policy that recognizes education as an exportable service, aiming to make Nepal a sought-after destination for higher studies in fields such as engineering, medicine, information technology, and environmental science.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the importance of experts’ suggestions in realizing this vision. Noting that Kathmandu University has attracted students from over 55 countries, Prachanda considered it evidence of Nepal’s potential to become an attractive educational hub.

Furthermore, he recognized the research initiatives undertaken by Kathmandu University, including studies on green hydrogen production, artificial intelligence, modern agricultural practices, glaciology, and health informatics. Prachanda emphasized that these research endeavors would contribute to the formation of social capital and drive the economic growth of the country.

In Conclusion: Prime Minister Prachanda’s address at the convocation ceremony highlighted the government’s commitment to promoting research and innovation in university education. He called for a transformation in teaching methods and stressed the importance of research in addressing societal challenges. Prachanda also expressed the government’s support for Kathmandu University’s growth and its potential to make Nepal an attractive educational hub in South Asia.

Attribution: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’

Pushpa Kamal Dahal
Prime Minister of Nepal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, resigns after addressing the nation from his office at Singh Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal on Wednesday, May 24, 2017. (Photo by Narayan Maharjan/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

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