Public holiday on the occasion of National Rice Day

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Public holiday on the occasion of National Rice Day.

Nine Districts in Karnali Province Celebrate National Paddy Day with a Public Holiday, Excluding Jumla


The rich agricultural heritage of Nepal takes center stage as nine districts in the Karnali Province announce a public holiday on June 15 in celebration of National Paddy Day. This occasion holds immense significance for the region, highlighting the vital role of paddy cultivation in the lives of local communities.

Paddy cultivation, commonly known as rice farming, is a cornerstone of Nepal’s agricultural sector. It has been a vital source of livelihood and sustenance for generations, contributing to the nation’s food security and economic stability.

On June 15, residents of the nine districts in Karnali Province, namely Achham, Dailekh, Jajarkot, Dolpa, Kalikot, Humla, Mugu, Rukum West, and Salyan, will observe a public holiday to commemorate National Paddy Day. This decision was taken by Karnali Province Government on 2079/12/29 and was announced on 2080/03/13. The day is marked by various activities and events that showcase the significance of paddy cultivation, including traditional rituals, agricultural fairs, cultural performances, and friendly competitions among farmers.

National Paddy Day holds immense importance in the educational context as it allows students to gain firsthand knowledge about Nepal’s agricultural heritage. The celebration offers an opportunity for young learners to understand the critical role of farming, sustainable agriculture practices, and the interdependence between humans and the environment. It also fosters a sense of pride in the local culture and traditions among the younger generation.

While the nine districts in Karnali Province eagerly celebrate the festivities, it is important to note that the Jumla district will not observe the public holiday due to certain logistical considerations. Nevertheless, the spirit of National Paddy Day permeates across the region, bringing communities together to celebrate their agricultural heritage.

In Conclusion: National Paddy Day on June 15 brings joy and recognition to the age-old tradition of paddy cultivation in the Karnali Province of Nepal. By honoring this occasion with a public holiday, the region not only celebrates its rich agricultural heritage but also imparts valuable lessons to students about the importance of sustainable farming practices and cultural preservation.

Call to Action: Take this opportunity to engage with your local community and learn more about the agricultural practices and cultural traditions in your region. Participate in events, visit farms, and support initiatives that promote sustainable agriculture and the preservation of heritage. Let us cherish and learn from the valuable lessons imparted by National Paddy Day.

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