Pun Urges to Bring a Policy to Stop The Flow of Money to Other Countries for Education

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Former Minister of Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation Barsha Man Pun has drawn attention to stop the trend of the flow of Arabs of Rupees annually to other countries for the sake of education. The reserve of foreign currency in Nepal is rapidly declining and we still turn a blind eye to the Arabs that are being spent in foreign countries for education, said Pun.

“Last year, about 21 Arab Rupees was spent on education in foreign countries, this year the number has reached 24 Arabs. How do we stop the flow of such a huge amount of money for education? The government needs to bring a clear policy toward this issue, the money spent on education is also contributing to a sharp decline in foreign exchange reserves.”, said Pun.

On the same topic, Pun also mentions that Nepal can earn a profit exporting Hydroelectricity. He said that the electricity generated during the rainy season could be sold even though the domestic consumption could not be sustained due to the low production of electricity in the snow.

“Last year, Electricity worth about 22 Arabs was imported in Nepal, this year the import has decreased to 12 Arabs”, said Pun. “And last year 2 Arab worth of electricity was exported and it is assumed that the Export will reach 5 Arabs this year. Similarly, Nepal is gradually moving towards self-reliance in hydroelectricity. We should focus on fulfilling the domestic consumption while also trying to look for the foreign market to export the energy,” he added.

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