Recognize the Work of Women

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Member of National Planning Commission Saloni Singh said, women’s contribution to the economy was consistently unappreciated, undervalued and not recognised widely.

Singh highlighted the need to account for contributions made by women to a gross domestic product through the care economy. Singh spoke at the women’s Fair organised on the occasion of International Women’s Day, “Women’s unpaid care work, although not counted as economic activities it contributes a lot to the functioning of the Nepali Formal economy and social system.” She emphasised ‘Equality Today would Ensure Sustainability Tomorrow’ by saying that one of the crucial aspects of gender equality is Economic Empowerment.

Gita Satyal, Deputy Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City explained that the local government has priorities women’s entrepreneurship development and economic empowerment.

Sajani  Amatya said her organisation Saathi had recognised the economic empowerment of women as the most important aspect of gender equality and further added that economic independence would provide a voice to women for speaking against violence and injustice.

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