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Registration Form Submission B.Ed. 078

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Purbanchal University, Faculty of Education, Office of the Examination Management announces, the information regarding the Examination Registration Form submission for those (both Regular and Partial) who are reading upon 1st-year 2nd-semester Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.).

The notice was posted on 2078/12/20.


Exams Form Fees will be as follows:

  1. An actual form fee:- Rs. 700 for Regular Examinees and Rs. 3000 for Partial Examinees
  2. Late Fee:- 
  • Until 7 days after submission, Rs. 1000/-
  • Until 10 days before the examination, Rs. 2000/-
  • Until 5 days before the examination, Rs. 3000/-

The exam form is to be submitted on 2079/01/19 to the Office of the Examination Management, PU with the mentioned form fee on the Nabil Bank CALL A/C 0706010310803. After payment, the Original Voucher/ Customer Copy of the receipt is to be submitted to specific colleges on 2079, 22nd Chaitra.


Here, the original notice is presented below for detailed information:

Registration Form Submission B.Ed. 078

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