Reinstatement of Teachers who were Removed from Service

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The cabinet meeting held on Monday has managed 586 teachers and staff. Teachers removed due to political bias, conflict, and agitation will be reinstated. 284 teachers will get lump sum financial assistance. 18 teachers will be appointed, 41 will be provided services and 401 will be re-instated.

The Council of Ministers has decided to reinstate the rehabilitated teachers. The permanent teachers remaining to serve in accordance with the prevailing law will be reinstated. The decision was taken by a task force formed under the chairmanship of the Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal Govinda Prasad Parajuli.

A maximum of seven years would be added for the minimum retirement of teachers recommended for reinstatement on the basis of reaching the age of 60 years. It has been decided not to reinstate the person holding the post of public benefit after being displaced.

The temporary teachers who were removed from service would receive a lump sum of financial assistance in addition to accumulated sick leave. Such teachers will get a minimum of one lakh rupees and a maximum of seven lakhs depending on the period of service. The cabinet meeting decided that the 284 temporary teachers would receive financial assistance.

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