Re-totaling Results of BACHELOR 1st Semester

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Re-totaling Results of BACHELOR 1st Semester


Date: 28th April 2023

This is to inform all the concerned students of Bachelor 1st Semester that the Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management has published a notice regarding the retotaling of the Bachelor 1st Semester results. The result has been published again as some of the students had submitted the application for retotaling.


All the students who had applied for retotaling are advised to check their results again. According to T.U the retotaling has been done carefully and thoroughly to ensure accuracy in the results.

Students are requested to contact their respective colleges if they face any issues regarding the retotaling process. The colleges are directed to provide the necessary support to the students in this regard.

We hope that this process will help to resolve any discrepancy or error in the result. The faculty remains committed to ensuring the highest level of accuracy and transparency in the evaluation process.

Thank you.-Gurubaa!

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