Sanskrit University dissociates with Mithila Ayurveda College

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Nepal Sanskrit University cancels affiliation of the first Ayurveda College in Janakpur. The Medical Education Commission had instructed the university to immediately close the campus. The university has repeatedly instructed the campus to prepare the necessary physical infrastructure and manpower for the students to study.

Nepal Sanskrit University had given affiliation to the campus in 2064 BS for conducting Ayurveda Bachelor Level (BAMS) class. The connection was terminated due to non-fulfillment of instructions given by the Medical Education Commission, the dean said.

The Medical Education Service Commission has directed the Patanjali Ayurveda Campus in Dhulikhel Banepa to fulfill the required criteria. The university had given affiliation to that campus in 2075 BS for conducting Ayur Vedic Bachelor Level (BAMS) class.

Sanskrit University had started Ayurveda undergraduate class on its own campus only since 2069 BS. The tenth batch class is also being conducted now. Also, standards are not fully met in the campus of the university’s institution, the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar.

A 100-bed teaching hospital with at least 51 subject matter specialists (MDs) is required to run Ayurveda undergraduate level (BAMS) classes. At present, there are only seven students including the Dean, Assistant Dean, and Campus Head. There is still a shortage of 44 MDs.

However, the Lumbini State Government and the State Physical Infrastructure Authority have just started the construction process of the teaching hospital. The registrar of the university, Sahapra Madhav Adhikari, said that the approval for the construction of the herbal garden (botanical garden) has been sent to the Institute of Ayurveda Studies for tender. A botanical garden will be constructed on 18 bighas of land south of the central office. It is said that the manpower of the lab has also started to be managed immediately.


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