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Scholarships Offered by the UK Government

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An actual UK government has made an announcement regarding an official scholarships to the eight postgraduate colleges for application of scholarships for the annual educational year starting from 2022 to 2023.


For detailed information and to apply for the scholarships having an offer, do visit the link of the universities provided below:


  • One should be a Nepalese citizen.
  • Students must hold a bachelor’s degree, be motivated, and show interest in the subject area
  • Fulfill the language requirement for UK HEIs
  • By both personal and educational sector, a scholar must engage with the UK.
  • Attend a networking event of all GREAT scholars located in the UK, for a discussion on the impact and perceptions for studying in the UK.
  • Must act like an ambassador and be contacted with the British Council as well as with their HEI.
  • Be willing to speak to potential candidates occasionally about his or her experience in the UK as an alumnus of the GREAT Scholarships.


  1. To learn more about the university, visit the university’s website via the link above.
  2. Please follow the instructions on each university’s scholarship page to apply for individual scholarships.
  3. The application deadline varies with each university. See each university’s website for details.
  4. Universities will contact successful applicants when their applications have been approved.
  5. After their registration, universities will distribute scholarship funds to successful scholars.

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