School Padlocked, Student Stressed

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Tribhuvan Secondary School of Nayabazar has been Padlocked. A businessman padlocked the School Administration as there was no hearing even after 6 months of signing the agreement according to the legal procedures for the tender of the shutters for business which is under the school.

The Businessman who had signed the tender for the shutter still hasn’t hold of the shutters. He has demanded the right of the shutters from the District Administration Office, District Police and even the School’s Administration, yet there hasn’t been any hearing from anyone, thus the businessman had decided to padlock the school administration.

The shutter is tendered by Nishan Kumar Thanlo, the Businessman who had requested DAO and the School Administration for the shutter, but there had been no hearing, thus he was bound to take this action. He said, “According to the notice issued by the school, we had earned the tender and we have been paying rent for this shutter for 6 months, yet the previous businessman who ran the business here isn’t leaving the shutters creating a problem.”

Nirak Bahadur Tarami, Principal of Tribhuvan Secondary School said the problem was rising due to the previous businessman who had the tender. The previous businessman didn’t clear the shutters despite the school’s notice locating another businessman for shutters. He said the shutters haven’t been cleared the shutter due to his influence of political power.

The school informed the students who want to increase their grades in their SEE exams cannot fill up the forms due to the padlock in the School Administration. The guardians said the padlock has created an environment of stress for the students.

Chief District Officer Hari Pyakhurel said that they have requested the associated businessman to open the padlock at the school. He says that it will be more convenient if the businessman discusses and solve the problem.

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